Form Download Page



Right click on any of the links below then choose "Save As" to download each of the following. You may then either fill them out on the computer and print them or you my print them and then fill them out by hand.


Planner order form 

Use the form below (one copy per school) to obtain planners from the DARE Office.   Call Bruce Olin for dates and times you can pick up planners.

Census Form .pdf file


Application to attend DARE Officer Training

Use the form below to apply to be trained as a DARE instructor.

Since completing training with the new "keepin it Real" middle school training,  it is now recommended that when coming to a DARE Officer Training, the student should bring a laptop equipped with a DVD player, Powerpoint 2007 SP2 or newer, and a 4 gig or larger USB memory stick (thumb drive).  All  of these items are strongly suggested, however, neither of these items are required.

Along with your application, please also provide your email address.  Prior to the training it will be necessary to email prospective students various bits of information. 

 D.A.R.E.® Officer Training Application .pdf file

 Waiver for out of state officers.


Specialized D.A.R.E.® Officer Training Application (Jr High, Sr High, Other) .pdf file

If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download it here: Image of Acrobat Reader